Bike rental terms and condition

Bike rental terms and conditions


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Bookings are recommended a few days in advance.

The reservation takes place by providing currently valid Identification  Document and a credit card (not pre-paid)

Prices are to be intended per bike and they include:

  • Assistence with an equipped bus in case of broke (not flat) and only if caused by the conditions of the bike itself, and not by the biker’s carelessness or by accident. The call will cost EUR 50 in addition to expenses in relation to the place of the intervention and the damage caused.

The rental price does not include:

  • Helmet, repair kit, theft and / or accident insurance, water bottle. In case of need, the customer can purchase the necessary material from our store.

Additional Information:

  • Helmet compulsory for children up to 14 years. The Road Traffic Act matters on the road.
  • Custody and efficiency of vehicle are on customer care
  • Bike pick up and return at our office.
  • For the bike transportations in other locations, the necessary costs will be calculated, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Prices don’t include damage or theft insurance, so the client will have to refund Bikelife in these cases.
  • At the pick up, it’s required to give current ID card/driver’s license/passport and a credit card to guarantee the full value of the rented stuff.
  • When you’ll give it back, if the bike is not damaged, the guaranteed amount will be paid back, withholding the rental. If the bike is damaged, the total guaranteed amount will be withheld.
  • In case of theft, it’s required to report it to the police, and the total guaranteed amount will be withheld.
  • If the bike is given back over office’s time, additional costs will be charged. In any case, the rented property must be returned at our office, unless otherwise agreed. Otherwise the costs of the transportation service will be applied.
  • In the event of an accident and / or theft, the customer must immediately notify the agency at the numbers (+39)340 5064506/(+39)335 5941950.
  • In case of rental for the night,you have to give back the bike the day after from 9.30 AM



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