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The ASD BIKELIFE is based in Francavilla al Mare. It is an aggregation center for sportsmen and the outdoor life lovers. The association adheres to the UISP (Sport for All Italian Club) and adopts the national card (membership card). The Association is registered on the National Register of Amateur Sport Clubs held by CONI.

Registration is free and can be done by written request by filling out the form to be downloaded at the bottom of this page. The membership in the Association has an entitled to the annual insurance against all the excursions that you will decide to do.

What are the benefits of application to annual Asd membership:

Annual insurance cover as a security for each day trip arranged by Bikelife

Free partecipation for "bikelife one day excursion" reserved for members, until 5 each year

Discounts on the official Bikelife store, up to 20%

10% discount on Trips and Journeys of Bikelife Tour Operator

10% discount on Bike&Vespa rental

20% discount on Formula Target Policy - Fisio of Reale Mutua and additional discounts on Policies offered by Emilio Di Peco Agency

15% discount on affiliated stores. (traders interested to make an agreement can contact the nr 085 816221)

Membership card: Cycling € 20.00 (Agonistic € 50.00) ANNUAL, including:




To stay informed of the Club's activities and excursions scheduled, SUBSCRIBE to Bikelife Active Team and put LIKE on the page Bikelife live your passion on Facebook. You won’t miss communications on excursions and planned events. E WAIT FOR YOU TO SHARE OUR PASSION TOGETHER!
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ASD Membership Form

ASD Statute

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